Maximilian Croissant

  • Fullstack Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist

I am a final year Computer Science Ph.D. researcher in the UK with a unique background in psychology and co-founder of the award-winning web studio Vanilla Noir, where I'm responsible for fullstack engineering. My main interest lies in creating high quality software and meaningful user experiences.


picture of Vanilla Noir homepage

Web Agency

Vanilla Noir

Vanilla Noir is an award-winning web and UX agency for exceptional apps and websites. Since 2020, we've helped over 30 different clients from around the world build apps and websites that make the digital world a little more beautiful.

App logo for balancey

Web & Mobile App


The personal budgeting app Balancey was created within Vanilla Noir with me as the lead developer. Differently to the usual offers in the space, Balancey puts a large emphasis on mindful engagement with personal finances through manual transactions, personal budgets with shared expenses, and accessible analysis tools.

logo of the flow experience

Experimental Video Game

The Flow Experience

On the surface, The Flow Experience is a classic 2D arcade game about evading and blocking enemy attacks through rythmic interactions. It was designed to combine zen-like relaxing elements with stressful gameplay to model user emotions and adapt the game accordingly in experimental settings.


I’m developing web and mobile apps revolving around unique user experiences, which I'm also researching through my Ph.D. work. I've worked with countless teams all over the world to create a better web experience.


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My name is Maxi and I'm a frontend/fullstack developer and data scientist currently in my final year of PhD at the University of York. I mainly work with modern web frameworks (React, Next) along with Node and Python as my stack, but I'm also always on the lookout for new technologies. I am passionate about new and exciting software and exceptional UX.