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Web Agency

Vanilla Noir

I founded the award-winning web agency Vanilla Noir with my partner in 2020. Since then, we've helped over 30 different clients from all over the world build their dream app.

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Web & Mobile App


I worked as a lead developer and UX designer on a personal budgeting app, promoting mindful spending.

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Experimental Video Game

The Flow Experience

I worked as the lead developer on an affect-aware arcade game that adapts to user behaviour.

cover image of Mira's therapy

Experimental Prototype

Mira's Therapy

I developed and designed an experimental psychological consultancy simulation.

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Internal Web App

Online Course Evaluation Tool

I worked on an university online tool for automatic real-time statistical course evaluation as the main developer.

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Mobile App


I worked as a developer and UX designer on a commercial relaxing game based on psychological research.

logo of the app Lia

Mobile App


I fully created an experimental tool based on theories for behaviour change.



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