Atmospheres Logo in front of violet background and patterns

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Developer, UX Designer

It was the goal for Atmospheres to create a relaxation app with modern and timeless UI and UX design. The casual app market is flooded with cheap cartoon designs, so our main goal was to counteract: Minimalist style, responsive aesthetics and simply a beautiful user experience. Atmospheres was designed with a holistic approach. We wanted every detail to fit together and communicate an escape; an escape from sensory overload, from stress, from chaos, and confusion. Users solve atmospheric puzzles, rearrange pieces as they belong together, and ultimately find themselves in new, lovingly illustrated landscapes. The design language and functionality needed to be consistent and easy to understand, so we used basic principles of color theory and gestalt psychology as the basis for our design document, which structured the development. As with all modern digital products, responsiveness to any possible screen size is critical (and an issue that should never be underestimated, especially with original designs). Not every image or asset is scalable, so we designed all possible layouts from scratch and created an app that always looks good and works as it should.
Mobile screenshots from the app Atmospheres
three illustrations showing UI elements of Atmospheres