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Lead Developer, UX Designer

The personal budgeting app Balancey was created within Vanilla Noir with me as the lead developer. It is a budgeting app designed to compete with traditional finance software. Balancey aims for users to actively engage in their own spending and develop financial mindfulness through the personalized tools within the app. Users can give themselves personal monthly budgets, easily track and analyze income and expenses, and connect with other users in their household to split expenses, while keeping their personal budget and not have the complete budget shared. The goal was to create a minimalistic, flexible and accessible app that would users allow to understand what they spend money on and save for things that make them happy. From planning, low-fidelity prototype, to design and development of a web version (React.js, Node.js) and iOS/Android mobile versions (React Native, Metro, Node.js) - the entire process was agile, focused and structured. The result is a modern app full of features, adapted to every financial situation, every type of household, and every device.
three mobile screens of the Balancey app: overview, new transaction, category details
desktop screen insights
three mobile screes of the Balancey app in dark mode